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15 phrases not to use in negotiation

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🚫 15 Phrases to Avoid in Negotiation! 🤝 Don't let these words sabotage your deal-making skills. Learn what NOT to say during negotiations and boost your chances of success. 💪 #NegotiationTips #AvoidTheTraps 🙅‍♂️🗣💼 "I won't budge." Displays inflexibility and unwillingness to compromise. "This is my final offer." Closes the door [...]

  • 14 Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques

Dont miss these 14 Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques

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  Sales prospecting plays a pivotal role in the success of any sales professional. It involves actively seeking out potential customers, engaging with them, and eventually converting them into valuable leads. While the process may seem daunting, implementing effective techniques can significantly boost your prospecting efforts. In this blog, we [...]

  • - 12 brand archetypes

12 Brand Archetypes – A quick guide

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Brand archetypes are a powerful tool in branding and marketing that can help businesses create a strong and consistent brand image. There are 12 primary archetypes that brands can adopt, each with its own unique set of traits, goals, and drawbacks. In this article, we will explore each of the [...]

Yakshagaana – An ancient art form of Karnataka

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It was somewhere in March 2016. So it’s my friend Manasa’s friend – Sushma’s Friend – Sinchana’s Cousin -Pavan. It happened for me to attend Sinchana’s Sister’s wedding even without knowing her. That’s how I got closer to their family. It was an awesome experience for all our girl’s [...]

Women on Career Break

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Heya beautiful souls, hope you are all safe from the COVID-19 and taking good care of yourselves and families. As I am trying to get into a lot of detailed discussions, this is going to be a series of the blog post and a bit lengthy one, I hope [...]

Freelance Jobs for Women on a Career Break

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Heya, how are you doing today? Like I was discussing women and career break in my previous article, I had mentioned some of the freelance opportunities that you all can look into. So lets jump in! First thing first, in freelance jobs there are advantages and disadvantages in equal [...]

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