Yakshagaana – An ancient art form of Karnataka

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It was somewhere in March 2016. So it’s my friend Manasa’s friend – Sushma’s Friend – Sinchana’s Cousin -Pavan. It happened for me to attend Sinchana’s Sister’s wedding even without knowing her. That’s how I got closer to their family. It was an awesome experience for all our girl’s [...]

Women on Career Break

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Heya beautiful souls, hope you are all safe from the COVID-19 and taking good care of yourselves and families. As I am trying to get into a lot of detailed discussions, this is going to be a series of the blog post and a bit lengthy one, I hope [...]

Freelance Jobs for Women on a Career Break

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Heya, how are you doing today? Like I was discussing women and career break in my previous article, I had mentioned some of the freelance opportunities that you all can look into. So lets jump in! First thing first, in freelance jobs there are advantages and disadvantages in equal [...]

The Art of Multi-Tasking

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Here are some of the ideas I use to utilize my time and hope this helps you as well. Sticky Notes First thing first, I list down all the tasks to be completed. I list them down on sticky notes and hang them on respective places.  For [...]

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