Women on Career Break

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Heya beautiful souls, hope you are all safe from the COVID-19 and taking good care of yourselves and families. As I am trying to get into a lot of detailed discussions, this is going to be a series of the blog post and a bit lengthy one, I hope [...]

Freelance Jobs for Women on a Career Break

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Heya, how are you doing today? Like I was discussing women and career break in my previous article, I had mentioned some of the freelance opportunities that you all can look into. So lets jump in! First thing first, in freelance jobs there are advantages and disadvantages in equal [...]

The Art of Multi-Tasking

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Here are some of the ideas I use to utilize my time and hope this helps you as well. Sticky Notes First thing first, I list down all the tasks to be completed. I list them down on sticky notes and hang them on respective places.  For [...]

The Pondy Fisherman

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So I and Prem were wandering in the roads of Pondy this time and we went to the beach nearby. After the sun was set, finishing all our activities there, we started walking towards the bike parking area. A  lady was frying some fishes, prawns under a hut shade [...]

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