Coming from a conservative family, I had to take the toughest decision of choosing between marriage and starting up on own without any support. Grandma in her deathbed, a filmy dramatic scene at home to say me yes to get married fulfilling her last wish, I was stuck between the two. I made up my mind, went up to grandma, holding her hands and asked exactly these questions. “Ajji, what is to do with me settling before you die? What is “settled” according to you? If you are alive luckily and 5 years down the line how do you want to foresee me as? A girl with two kids cleaning, cooking, running between home and office, depending on salary paying bills, keeping the husband and his family happy, running behind a routine life. (Second option) On the other hand, strong, firm, a girl providing job to 10 underprivileged girls, empowering them, feeling blessed to create a company and employees depending on me. I can definitely marry later with a husband who is supportive, understands me and not “life-giver coz I am a father-less daughter”. I don’t need a guy offering me life. I need a companion to walk by my side in my journey. I am really passionate about enjoying my life and not marrying and getting into responsibilities yet. I need to wait for my time. It might be late, but I really want to prioritise now.

I think it made sense to her and she was confident that she is not leaving me behind alone if she dies and I had a new definition for the word ” settling in life != marrying”. Convincing the family itself was the biggest hurdle I had to cross. While all my cousins got married in the same year, I was the eldest daughter who remained unmarried until I turned 29!

I started the institution, I had to quit my job and bootstrap with my savings without family support nor investor. After seeing some progress my family got the confidence in me that I am doing something. Luckily, like a miracle, my grandma was recovered with her Cerebellum bleeding and she was back to normal. I had enough time to focus and crazily work for about 18 hours a day!

But again few months, I had severe pressure for marriage from my mom saying “You have started the company now, you have to agree for marriage”. They started to find Mr.Right for me. Got rejected by many groom-to-be for being an Entrepreneur(they thought I cannot pour family time or might have too many male-friends circles and wanted me to be at home) I even got rejected for being a widow’s daughter and so many reasons that made me feel down at one point. But taken as a challenge being raised by a single parent I was firm about choosing career over marriage.

I started with an investment of 70k and had generated the revenue up to 1 lakh in the first year. Faced many ups and downs breaking the stereotype and now it is my 5th year successfully running and now looking to expand to the next level.

Now, I’m married, mom-to-be and a confident person managing my pregnancy, company, family all single-handed and I am glad I made the right decision(of course with a super-man husband to support me!!)